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Toddler Tuesday: What Makes Daddy a Hero?

  Father’s Day is coming up on June 19th so be prepared with fun cards and creative craft projects made by your toddlers! In honor of the upcoming day I asked Danika (who is three years old) What makes her Daddy a hero? I of course then interpreted what a hero is in terms she […]

I forgot about Toddler Tuesday!

The holiday weekend threw me all off and I forgot about Toddler Tuesday! I actually forgot it was Tuesday all together! Well I still have an hour left of Tuesday so I’m going to post it now 🙂 Remember my dilemma of forgetting to get adorable 4th of July outfits for the kids? Well I […]

Toddler Tuesday! This can’t be normal…

Welcome to Toddler Tuesday! This is where you can link up all of your toddler related activities, ideas, memories and more. We want to see what you are doing with your toddlers and get some great ideas! You can grab the Toddler Tuesday button on my sidebar! So Danika loves to sleep with a million […]